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Private Security



The mission of Global Red Services is to provide companies, institutions and individuals, global security solutions that allow them to live and develop their activities with complete peace of mind.


Implant ourselves at national level, positioning ourselves among the top 10 companies in the sector by turnover, offering private security solutions that meet the needs of customers, optimizing their costs and growing steadily and sustainably.


Innovation: We introduce new products for electronic security, fire protection and access control, after being tested and approved by our technical committee.

Competitiveness: We offer the best quality-price-guarantees ratio in the market.

Client Orientation: We dedicate our efforts to know and satisfy the needs of our clients.

Ethical Conduct: We act with professionalism, moral integrity, loyalty and respect.

Teamwork: We encourage the participation of all to achieve a common goal, sharing information and knowledge.

Self-development: We motivate our staff through trust, empowering and rewarding individual initiative.

Safety and health: We are firmly committed to occupational safety and health by promoting a preventive culture.

Social Responsibility: Committed to society, generating economic and social wealth, we dedicate part of our profits to social action.

Security Personnel

More than 1000 professionals have been selected and trained to ensure the safety of our customers. With an agile and flexible service, we bet for an active and intelligent security.

To this active security we apply the most advanced technology such as the computerized control of rounds and we control the quality of the service through technical inspections and continuous updating of the security operation.

Security guards with and without weapons


Protection of persons and surveillance of movable and immovable property.

To avoid criminal acts inside the buildings and enclosures to be protected.

Access control of people, vehicles and objects.

Control of accreditation or documentation.

Scanning of people, vehicles, envelopes and packages.

Internal and external rounds of buildings.

Mobile patrols in open spaces and large areas.

Security escorts.

Protection of specific persons.

Private Guards of field and hunting .

Patrol systems for the protection of property and deterrence of persons who may commit a crime or administrative infraction.

Ensure against all types of crimes and especially against crimes in natural resources and the environment, those related to the protection of flora and fauna and those related to hunting and fishing, coasts.

Drafting of incident reports and presentation of complaints.

Notification to local authorities of the existence of animals sick or suspected of epizootic diseases.

Interventions of control, detention and actions in case of crime, placing at the disposal of the State Security Forces and Corps the criminals and the instruments, effects and evidence of the crimes.

Protection of evidence and criminal evidence until the arrival of the personnel of the state security forces and corps.

Conduct and custody of detainees until the arrival of the state security forces and corps.


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