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What do our insurances cover?

Criminal Defense

It includes legal, judicial and extrajudicial assistance, as well as the payment of expenses for the criminal defence against the insured for a fault. Facts caused by it in the non-professional practice of sports, except with motor vehicles or sails, are excluded.

Claims for Extra Contractual Damages

Guarantees legal, judicial and extrajudicial assistance, as well as the payment of expenses for legal defence for claims for damages caused by a third party to their personal property or pets.

Legal Defense as Consumer and User

Protects the client against damage caused to the insured, including their personal property or pets, by breach of the services of doctors, hospitals, veterinarians, travel agencies or Internet purchases, among others.

Legal Defence in Administrative Offences

Guarantees legal assistance in proceedings in which the insured is involved as a result of, for example, non-compliance with urban planning regulations or domestic animal matters. Claims in contentious-administrative proceedings are excluded.

Telephone Legal Guidance

Global Red Services offers a telephone answering service through which queries, doubts and legal problems raised by the insured are dealt with. No written opinions are issued.

Legal Defense as a Tenant

Includes defense and claim in proceedings incurred by the insured as a tenant of the dwelling.

Legal Defence in Family and Succession Law

Guarantees the reimbursement of amounts paid by the insured, such as attorneys’; and solicitors’; fees in the event of separation or divorce, provided that it is mutually agreed upon.

It also offers the guarantee of inheritance law, including the drafting of the partitional notebook in test succession, and the costs for absence and death, including the notary costs for the deed of declaration of heirs and participation in the inheritance.

Connection with Law Firms

In the event of conflicts not covered by the policy, the insured can go to the network of offices that the company makes available to them, the client being the one who pays the expenses with a discount of 20% on the official tariff.

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