General Maintenance Services

Global Red


General Maintenance Services


Corrective and preventive maintenance, emergencies 24h, works and reforms

Integral maintenance service for companies.

National maintenance company.

Corrective maintenance, repairing the breakdowns produced by the daily use in the facilities, even outside business or working hours so that nothing stops in the life of the company.

Partial or Total Reforms of Offices and Premises.

  24-hour emergency service. Preventive maintenance agreed and organized to keep in good condition the facilities of the company.


Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance is performed to maintain the good condition or improvement of facilities in general. They are agreed on the basis of the needs of each client. They can be specific needs or it can be done combining specific needs with a programmed corrective maintenance.


Corrective Maintenance

They are planned revisions for the correct maintenance of installations avoiding future breakdowns. Preventive maintenance work is organized and planned in advance based on the needs of each case.


Urgencies 24h 365 days

For Global Red Services there are no weekends, long weekends or holidays, we are organized so that everything works normally at any time and in any situation. We never close for vacations.

This service is designed to repair urgent breakdowns as well as for the containment of damage due to water leaks, broken pipes, unblocking, light blackouts, openings and closings of door locks, openings and closings of blinds and garage doors.



It is easier to understand with a single trustworthy company, it is the most practical and secure option.

Although initially it may seem simpler and cheaper, years have shown us that this is not the case, because deadlines are extended, the ability to solve unexpected problems that always appear is lost and personal wear is very high.


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