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Department of Proficient Experts


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The Professional Department of Global Red of Judicial Proficient is a company specialized in the realization of expert reports in multiple areas of activity.

  Analysis of signatures and documents.

  Analysis and defense of criminal offences: homicides, fingerprints, anthropometry, wiretapping, ballistics, assaults, Internet scams, etc.

  Counterfeiting, trademark infringement and crimes against intellectual and industrial property.

  Real estate appraisal.

  Valuation of machinery.

  Reconstruction of traffic accidents and calculation of speeds.

  Voice recognition and recording integrity.

  Forensic Computing.

  Deficiency analysis and engineering.

  Fiscal and economic analysis.

  Valuation of lost profits and emerging damages.

 Textile incidents.


Our entity is formed by a team of judicial experts with the optimum training to offer you the best professional service and an objective result based on technical preparation and experience.

All of them are registered in the specific associations of the field in which they operate and are part of the Professional Colleges corresponding to their training.

Most of our experts are collaborating professors of the university and participate as speakers in various specialized events organized by official institutions and large companies, in different countries in addition to Spain, such as Italy, Colombia or Argentina.

We have an advanced technical laboratory with the most innovative technology to ensure the most reliable study in each case, enabling a reasoned opinion that can be integrated with authority in any judicial process.

We are absolutely involved from start to finish. In direct collaboration with your lawyer, we prepare the trial assistance in advance and in depth so that the ratification of the opinion is solid and unquestionable.

Consult us your case, to analyze it and inform you of what we can do for you.

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