Administration of Properties and Patrimony

Global Red


Administration of Properties and Patrimony

Long experience in the administration of property and communities.

Our team offers you a personalized, integral, efficient and transparent service, taking care of every detail and advising you at every moment.

Administration of Property in Spain, efficient and of quality. We take care of getting the best services for your community of neighbors at the lowest cost and without losing the quality.

In Global Red Services we have experienced professionals and we have the best service of property managers in Spain thanks to the professionalism, transparency and preventive action of our experts. We go to the building periodically to anticipate problems, solving them with effective actions that contribute to the good functioning of the community, avoiding costly setbacks and difficult to solve.


We advocate professionalism and honesty. For us it is vital the relationship with our clients and the good understanding for a positive management of the property or community.

We highlight the following services

  Heritage and community management.

  Access to documentation processed through the web.

  Accounting immediate.

  12 hour incident response.

  Extensive specialist knowledge.

  Proven team of external collaborators.

  Information technology at your service.

  Direct access to documentation.


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